On 10th December 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human rights was adopted.

Everyday our democratic, independent civil society organizations and movements work, provide assistance and care or services for millions of people, advocate, mobilise people and protest, contributing to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promise a reality.

All over Europe, we act to make those rights effective for all, and we are proud of it!

Our daily activities oppose any discriminatory attempts to exclude from their rights people because of their identity, gender or sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nationality… Our actions are concrete tools to repair the social damages of our economy that puts private interest before the common good.

Every day our organizations contribute to bring about more democracy, equality and solidarity for all – while in Europe these values are in danger and illiberalism, inequality, poverty, insecurity, social division are on the rise.

We denounce that in the EU today we, civic activists and human rights defenders, are under pressure.In many EU countries, civic space and fundamental freedoms are restricted

Civic organizations and movements promoting and defending human rights are facing smear campaigns. Solidarity and humanitarian care for migrants and asylum seekers is being criminalized. Organizations and activists are facing intimidation through legislation and court action by illiberal governments or multinationals…

When our critical role is disregarded, denied or threatened, the whole democratic space is shrinking.

On December 10th, more than 100 independent and democratic civil society organizations and platforms across 27 countries mobilise for a civic pride day.

In big cities as in small communities, at their usual place of work, or gathered in public spaces, we spread across over 200 local initiatives, reaching more than 100 000 people through on line and off line activities.

We take pride in the work we do and we claim there cannot be one day without our actions for the common good and rights for all.

On this day, it is our way to show the added value our civic organizations and movements bring to society. And we commit ourselves to resist together against any attacks to the civic space.

We call national and European institutions and political leaders, to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We demand recognition and support for our activities in defence of rights and democracy for all.

Our independent civic campaign for the European elections bears the slogan “Make Europe Great for All”. December 10th is an important milestone for our message to get through. The future of Europe will be about democracy, equality, solidarity, inclusiveness, or will not be at all.


Press contact:

Alexandrina NAJMOWICZ

anajmowicz@civic-forum.eu // +33 180 05 19 12


Note to the editor:


  1. The European Civic Forum gathers more than one hundred NGOs and associations in 28 European countries daily committed to the general interest in various areas.


  1. For more information about the campaign, click here.